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Le Wand – Loop Silicone Penis Play Attachment

Price: $44.990000 | Brand: Le Wand
If you already have the Le Wand or about to purchase it you should check out the great attachments that are available. The Le Wand – Loop Silicone Penis Play Attachment is one for the guys to give them the pleasures that the Le Wand can provide.  Loop Silicone Penis Play Attachment is for the Le Wand Massager only. It’s easy to slip on and use and will provide lots of enjoyment with the powerful motor of the Le Wand providing intense sensations all the way to your balls. Slide yourself in and hold on and enjoy the ride.   Le Wand Massager is a luxury massager that on it’s own provides so much pleasure as well as assist with any aches and pains you may have from any sports injuries to just a long day at work. With lots of levels to select from it’s a high quality massager.   Beautiful Silicone Material makes sure that you feel good from the very beginning. Silicone is also great for anyone who may have sensitive or delicate skin.  *Please note: This is an attachment only. Le-Wand Rechargeable Wand is sold seperately.Le Wand – Loop Silicone Penis Play Attachment is the next attachment you need for your Le Wand Massager for powerful stimulating and vibrating sensations to run all the way to your penis.   Loop Silicone Penis Play Attachment  Le Wand Massager  Beautiful Silicone Material

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