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Le Wand – Pearl White Rechargeable Massager

Price: $249.990000 | Brand: Le Wand
Le Wand is a beautifully designed and powerful massager that will please you from top to toe. Le Wand is a wand you will seriously fall in love with. The design is second to none with sleek features that are not only pleasant to look at but also to feel. The smooth handle makes the wand amazing to hold and easy to use with the push button controls. 10 Powerful Vibrations Speeds you can start nice and slow or go fast and furious it’s all up to you and the mood you are in. Also depends if you are using the lovely le wand for pleasure or relaxation, especially of the muscles. A Huge 20 Level of Vibration Patterns can you believe that there are 20 vibration patterns! With different pulsations, escalations and more to really make this the wand of all wands.  Glorious Silicone Material Flexible Silicone Head and Texture Cover lets you move the head to where you need it the most. The flexible head assists with playing and getting into the hard to reach places. The texture cover is an extra and can be easily put onto the silicone head to add to extra pleasure. Rechargeable as you would expect of a high quality product. Handy Travel Case never be away from your favourite wand you can take it away with you and as it has a travel lock you know it won’t go off. Accessories also available: Ripple and Curve attachable heads.   Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is the massager of all massagers for all your pleasure and relaxation needs. Le Wand 10 Powerful Vibrations Speeds A Huge 20 Level of Vibration Patterns Glorious Silicone Flexible Material Silicone Head and Texture Cover Rechargeable Handy Travel Case

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