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Le Wand – Petite Rechargeable Massager (Violet)

Price: $199.990000 | Brand: Le Wand
You may already have the le Wand original and may be looking for something a little smaller so that you can take it away with you or you just want something that has style and grace and the power to match like the le Wand Petite Rechargeable Vibrating Massager. le Wand Petite Massager with Flexible Head is the compact version of it’s older bigger sister the le Wand. The petite is 25.4cm in total length and 4.7cm in width which makes the petite a perfect buddy when you are going away for holidays or simply a night over the other half’s house. Style with the prettiest of colours of rose gold and purple you will love the le Wand petite massager. 10 Influential Vibration Levels that are still powerful for a smaller massager and can assist with your aches and pains from stress, work or the gym or they can make light work out of grabbing an orgasm from stimulation. 6 Talented Patterns to select from and play with, mix it up and have some fun. USB Rechargeable makes sure that you have the power that you deserve in your massager. No batteries required or dying out on you. Travel Lockable and Travel Case Included which is nice and handy, and who want to be concerned that the massager could ‘suddenly’ just go off! le Wand Petite Rechargeable Vibrating Massager is quite simply, the mini version of the le Wand Massager. An inspiring massager with power and style all wrapped up in one. le Wand Petite Massager with Flexible Head 10 Influential Vibration Levels 6 Talented Patterns USB Rechargeable Travel Lockable and Travel Case Included

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