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Le Wand – Weighted Silicone Attachment (Curve)

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Le Wand
With the angled bulbous head you will feel the true pleasure that the curve can provide, especially for G-Spot or P-Spot pleasure. The weight like the Ripple is in the tip and the centre of the shaft with a curved design including the head that is attached to the silicone flexible head. Not to forget that there is also an external contact curve to add to your sensory pleasure. The Curve is easily attached to the le wand hand and will be as snug as a bug without any chance of falling off when you lest want it to. The le wand attachments are made to add your pleasure to your new favourite and powerful rechargeable wand. Please note: This is an attachment only. Wand sold seperately.le Wand – Curve Weighted Silicone Attachment With 2 wonderful accessories available for the le wand rechargeable massager it’s hard to pick which one you should get but maybe you should just get both as they are both uniquely designed for different and very enjoyable experiences. Curve Weighted Silicone Attachment

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