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Lelo – F1S V2 App Controlled Pleasure Console (Red)

Price: $278.990000 | Brand: Lelo
This is going to give you one hell of a ride, no wonder they called it Pleasure Console, it’s going to leave you in awe. 2nd Generation Lelo F1S -V2 Masturbator is what you receive with the F1S V2 by Lelo. You don’t receive just a normal sleeve you receive a pure quality pleasure device which you can control and make your own. Double the Strength Dual Motors provide full power to the whole F1S V2 with more stimulation than you would receive with any other masturbation sleeve. They have really doubled up with this upgrade and you will love it. Lelo’s Unique SenSonic Technology is an experience that you won’t forget. You won’t feel the mundane vibrations you would in a standard vibe sleeve, the F1S V2 provides you with a completely unique phenomenon. It delivers commanding sonic waves transmitting through the entire penis making it feel like you’re surrounded with complete sensory pleasure. Window Panel presents you with a visual of what and how you’re feeling. Textured Aluminium Body & Premium Silicone Internals all made to the highest quality as Lelo only know how. The aluminium body has just the right texture to feel comfortable in your hand and the curved silicone internals allow for a seductive ride. Now with the upgraded V2 you have a more softer and more flexible sleeve which also assists for a wider range of shapes and sized penises. Lelo App connect via Bluetooth the App will allow you more possibilities in creating your very own unique masturbatory experience. 10 Full Body Sensational Sensors assists in providing a smooth and consistent experience. SDK for Your Own Grooves is a particular treat from Lelo in the F1S V2 as you can create your own impressions via the customisable internal sensors.Lelo – F1S – V2 – Red is the next level generation of the ultimate in masturbation sleeves for men, with way too many techy features to enjoy. 2nd Generation Lelo F1S – V2 Masturbator Double the Strength Dual Motos Lelo’s Unique SenSonic Technology Window Panel Textured Aluminum Body & Premium Silicone Internals Lelo APP 10 Full Body Sensational Sensors 4 Program Variations with a softer more flexible Sleeve SDK for Your Own Grooves

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