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Lelo – Loki Wave Prostate Massager (Obsidian Black)

Price: $299.990000 | Brand: Lelo
This is definitely a genuine pleasure toy for all men who enjoy prostate pleasure or would like to give it a go. We do have to warn you, it won’t be a one-time thing you are going to have an incredible ride. Lelo are known all over the world for their design and style and there is no exception with the Loki Wave. Seductive from the tip to the easy to use controls and handle. Pleasure is just a press of a button away. Waterproof so that you can take your toy into the shower to enjoy and rechargeable so that it can always be at the ready without the need of batteries. Silicone Material in sex toys has almost become the expected in materials today as more and more manufactures are coming to the party and using such a silky smooth and healthy material for all our pleasure needs. Come Heather, you know what we mean! The shaft of the Loki will wave inside of you seductively and teasingly playing with your P-Spot the way it needs to be and whilst the externally stimulator will supply you with the vibrations that will run through your body. Prostate Pleasure is something that all men should experience and enjoy. Men have lots of wonderful nerve endings that are not being explored and they are not enjoying their bodies to the fullest. 1 Year Warranty as with all Lelo quality products.    The Lelo Loki Wave is something very special for the men. It is an extremely stylish and elegant prostate massager that will have any man begging for the climax again and again. Lelo Design and Style that is Rechargeable and Waterproof Silicone Material Unique Come Heather Motion Prostate Pleasure at its Finest 1 Year Warranty

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