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Licked Clean (Paperback Novel)

Price: $5.990000 | Brand: Nexus Books
Bruised and sobbing, Luke consented with utmost docility to his release from his table of pain, to be trussed once more for his Lady’s pleasure.  She made him stand, forbidden to rub his whipped buttocks, and roped his wrists behind his back.  Then, she fastened a dog leash around his neck. "You’ve been my maid, now you can be my puppy". Beautiful dominatrix Sever Campaign far exceeds her corporal punishment brief in shaming and enslaving young Luke Redruth.  Later, he becomes discipline master at Lick’s Girls’ school, while Severe still delights in caning men at nearby Crushards Academy.  Yet lustful pupils and staff conspire to have them both sent to a Brazilian plantation marshalled by flagellant police girls. Author: Yolanda CelbridgeN/A

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