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Limpy Medium Flesh Small (3.5inch)

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Fleshlight
It doesn’t matter what or how you want to play with Mr Limpy Packer by Fleshlight he is here for anyone.    Mr Limpy Packer available is 3 great sizes but all of them are Limpy, just like the name says. Pack it in your underwear if you want or need to, use as a gag gift or if you feel your missing something down there.    Flesh Colours – Light and Medium.  *This item does not arrive in retail packaging. It arrives from Fleshlight in a sealed bag and is sent directly to our customers with the same bag. Mr Limpy Packer by Fleshlight is a limp penise which looks like and feels like the real thing and available in 3 different sizes and 2 flesh tones. Mr Limpy Packer 3.5″ 5″ 8.5″ Flesh Colours – Light and Medium          

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