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Love Toys 10-Speed Power Bullet (Pink)

Price: $13.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Power bullets are like rabbit vibes every girl has to own at least a few and they are perfect for any woman that prefers a little clitoral play to reach orgasm. Petite Power Bullet with 10 Functions, how can such a tiny little vibe have so many functions! It has different levels of vibrations and pulsations as well as different patterns, this assists in mixing it up a little and changing the way you play. Sometimes you may only want a quick full vibration O and other times you might want to take your time with a teasing pattern or two. Use as a Couple by letting your other half play with you by using the vibe, you can also place it on the clitoris whilst having sex to really turn up the climatic heat. Compact Size at only 5.5cm in total length and only 1.7cm in width. You can easily hold it in your hand and move it around to that perfect position. Pop it in your purse, pocket or overnight bag as you never know when the mood will arise or if you just need to have a quick release. Easy to use with the button control on the bottom of the vibe just click and off you go. Each click provides you with more and more with every click.Love Toys 10 Function Power Bullet perfect in pink perfect for clitoral stimulation and an ideal is size to take anywhere for anytime you want to have a quick play. Petite Power Bullet with 10 Functions Use as a Couple Compact Size Easy to Use

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