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Luna iWhizz – Silicone Kegel Exercise Balls

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Kegel/Pelvic Exercises are more important than a lot of us realise. They can not only assist with giving us strong muscles for day to day life but can also increase our sexual pleasures. Unfortunately, it is a muscle that will become weaker if it doesn’t receive any exercise and also in child birth so it is very important to clench and bring those muscles in. Luna iWhizz Toner Balls are designed for easy insertion and retrieval. The combined weight is 80g and they are made from silky smooth silicone. Just add a little of your favourite water based lube and insert the balls all the way into the vagina. Once in use your muscles to clench and relax clench and relax. You can do this at any time as no-one will know that you have them in. When it’s time to remove them you can use the retrieval cord or when your muscles are nice and toned you can start to use your muscles to push them out.The Luna iWhizz – Kegel Exercise Balls are designed for pelvic floor exercises to get the most glorious muscles a girl has in her body to be strong, healthy and toned. Kegel/Pelvic Exercises Luna iWhizz Toner Balls Perfectly Sized for both beginner and the more advanced

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