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Lux Fetish – Bed Spreader

Price: $49.990000 | Brand: Lux Fetish
Easy to use and fun is to be had with the Lux Fetish – Bed Spreader. There is endless level of playtime with a bed spreader, just let your imagination go wild.  Bed Spreader goes completely under your mattress which also provides the strength and no need to set it up each time you’re ready to play. It’s adjustable to make it just right for you both.  Comfortable Cuffs that attached to the bed spreader but you can also use with other items in the Lux Fetish range. They are comfortable with rings that clipp onto the bed spreader.  Fits all Mattresses King, Queen and Single. Lux Fetish – Bed Spreader think of all the fun and games you both can have with this wonderful bed spreader. Bed Spreader Comfortable Cuffs Fits all Mattresses

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