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Lux Fetish – Closet Cuffs

Price: $27.990000 | Brand: Lux Fetish
Have some fun together with the Lux Fetish – Closet Cuff set which is easy to use and fun to play with.  Closet Cuffs that you can use as they are, click them onto your bed or anything else you can think of. They are comfortable and adjustable to fit most. Restraint System which is also adjustable and very easy to use with popping it over any door (just make sure you lock the door for safety and privacy). Then let yourself be taken control of with sensual love. Lux Fetish – Closet Cuffs can be used with just the cuffs by themself or better still with the adjustable restraint system. Closet Cuffs Restraint System

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