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Main Squeeze – Endurance Trainer

Price: $79.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
Time to practice and get your stamina going with the Main Squeeze Endurance Trainer. Endurance Trainer, you’re thinking do I need an edurance trainer. Well there is a difference in the chamber with the texture to standard pussy masturbator sleeves. The  tunnel is for you to last and hold on, it’s also great for edging which is getting yourselves to that point but stopping just beforehand, wait a few then going again. Pussy Style with a full chamber with 8 sections is the tunnel, but the lips look and feel hot. Main Squeeze Travel Case provides the discreetness you deserve with a masturbation sleeve. But that’s not all, it’s also design for you to squeeze the case when you and where you need it whilst you’re pumping it. Suction When You Want It at the end of the case is a screw on cap that allows you to get some suction out of the pussy.Main Squeeze Endurance Trainer is the pussy sleeve that assists and trains you to hold off cumming that little bit. Endurance Trainer Pussy Style Main Squeeze Travel Case Suction When You Want It

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