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Main Squeeze – Optix Stroker

Price: $87.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
The Main Squeeze – Optix Stroker is a tight and textured ass style masturbation sleeve that gives you the control of your suction pleasure. Main Squeeze Ass Optix Stroker is a completely clear ass masturbation sleeve for a real visual stimulation experience. That’s the whole chamber, the internal chamber the whole deal is clear. The internal chamber tunnel is pure ass man, it has all the texture you want when sliding yourself into it. Lube yourself up a bit and slide on in. The main squeeze let’s you squeeze the firm outer case to assist your level of pleasure. Squeeze when you want it a bit firmer don’t when you want it lighter. Intense Sunction with the main squeeze Optix Stroker is all in the base of the sleeve case. The end case and base just needs a twist to provide you with more suction to put you over the edge. Total length of the Main Squeeze – Optix Stroker Ass is 7.5″ which the ideal size for most. Remember to use some lube for the best experience. Main Squeeze – Optix Stroker is a unique ass masturbator that let’s you see your hard cock sliding in and out of the tight ass stroker. Main Squeeze Anal Optix Stroker Intense Suction

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