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Man Squeeze – Stud Ass Stroker

Price: $99.990000 | Brand: Doc Johnson Sex Toys
Get nice and hard for the Man Squeeze – Stud Ass Stroker grab your lube and gear up. Stud Ass Stroker is the perfect ass hole to fuck. Grab it and drive your hard cock all the way in. Give it to the Stud as it really wants it. Ultraskyn Material looks and feels almost like the real deal, ass hole lines and all. Squeeze for Pressure so your in control even if you don’t want to be you still have the power over the Stud. All you need to do is squeeze the Man Squeeze to your level of satisfaction. Suction Power is from the base of the Man Squeeze – Stud Ass Stroker. Twist it to adjust the suction your hard-on needs. Lube up man, grab some grease and get in there. Man Squeeze – Stud Ass Stroker is the stud of all anal masturbators just for your cock to slide into nice and deep. Stud Ass Stroker Ultraskyn Material Squeeze for Pressure Suction Power

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