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Medisil Magic Touch Massager

Price: $119.950000 | Brand: DownUnder Sex Toys
Designed specifically for Australian women, the Magic Touch is the Australian version of the world renowned Hitachi Magic Wand, modified to work with Australian power points without the need for cumbersome transformers. A massive improvement over the American version is the new two metre power cord, allowing you to enjoy yourself much more freely! Supplied with a 100% medical grade silicone head, perfect for clitoral use and completely hygenic and easy to clean. Length: 32cm Width: 6cm Since filming the below presentation, the Medisil Magic Wand has undergone a major design update and is now half the weight of the original, weighing just over 400g, and is significantly quieter. *Please note: Being powered by 240v this massager’s vibrations are VERY strong and possibly not the best option for those just venturing into the world of toys! Also, make sure it is never plugged in or used in or around water. * Please note: This product has an Australian/NZ 240v power plugand is not suitable for use outside of Australia and New Zealand. After the amazing worldwide success of the Hitachi Magic Wand, we’ve all been impatiently waiting for one compatible with our own Australian power points. …and we finally have one! The Medisil Magic Touch has been carefully crafted from the same components as the Hitachi to create a basically identical product. After we received our first shipment of the Medisil Magic Touch, the first thing we did was plug one in right next to a Hitachi Magic Wand and run them side by side for a comparison…Amazing! It’s almost impossible to tell them apart! The Australian adaptation is a vast improvement though, simply due to the fact that you no longer have to lug those annoying, bulky American power transformers around! One thing we’re very excited about is the ability to completely replace the massagers head with specially designed Silicone attachments made right here in Australia!

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