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Mia Maxx – Suction Cup Holder

Price: $96.990000 | Brand: Miamaxx
You have purchased the Mia Maxx already or you are doing so now you may want to think about adding the Mia Maxx Toy Stand to your order. The Mia Maxx Thrusting Vibrator is a wonderfully powerful thrusting vibrator that is going to really give you a magnificent work out. It is like having your very own sex machine without the bulkiness and the expense of one. Also with the Mia Maxx you can hide it a lot easier than a sex machine. The thrusting of the Mia Maxx and the power of it is truly something and if you have already bought it you know what I’m talking about. To add to the fun you already are having or about to have, getting the toy stand that is designed for this hot and sexy thrusting beast is a no brainer. You can stick this sucker onto any flat surface, walls, chairs, tables whatever you want. Click the vibe in and really go crazy with the thruster movement and power of your vibe, just adjust it to any position you want and put a smile on your dial. Always clean your toys after use and store in a dry, clean environment. Have fun!  Mia Maxx – Toy Stand How to increase the fabulousness of the Mia Maxx THRUSTING vibe – with a hands-free toy stand. Let the fun really begin. Mia Maxx Toy Stand

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