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Mia Maxx Xara Sleeve Attachment (Purple)

Price: $63.490000 | Brand: Miamaxx
Mia Maxx Thruster Vibe, is a powerful thrusting action vibe that gives you that pumped feeling. You can play alone or with a friend, just let yourself go. Xara Sleeve is only suitable for the Mia Maxx Thruster Vibrator and is simple to use. Click off the shaft attachment that came with the Mia Maxx and swap over to the Xara Sleeve. The Xara sleeve is 13cm in total length with a wonderful width of 4cm. The design is a textured shaft to provide you with a different sensation whilst the original shaft is straight the Xara is a little more ‘bumpy’. Also available is the Arya penis shaped attachment to add to your collection. If you are purchasing the Mia Maxx Thruster Vibe why not add one or more of the attachments at the same time to optimize your pleasure. Always clean all your desired adult toys with anti-bacterial toy cleaner and store in a safe dust free environment. For the most enjoyable experience we recommend using your favourite water based lubricant and really go wild. * Please note: This is an attachment only. MiaMaxx Thrusting Vibe is sold seperately.Mia Maxx Xara Sleeve for the Mia Maxx Thruster Vibrator, add a little something something to the much-loved thrusting vibe. Mia Maxx Thruster Vibe Xara Sleeve

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