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Micro Purple Jelly Butterfly

Price: $24.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
One of the best selling direct clitoral stimulators at Femplay! The Micro Purple Jelly Butterfly is a soft jelly polymer toy that is securely held against the clitoris by strong adjustable nylon elastic straps that wrap around the waist and thigh area. This ensures that the Butterfly sits squarely against your most sensitive spot on your body and delivers hands free pleasure at the flick of a switch. A small but intense bullet delivers quiet yet strong vibrations over the body of the butterfly and along the wings. The small antennae give little flutters against your mound and the textured body also rubs delightfully during use. As an alternative you can adjust it to sit slightly lower on your vagina to experience indirect stimulation for a different experience. Due to the elastic nylon straps that hold it in place, this toy can be worn under most clothing and you can be confident that the secure straps will not break as the elastic is riveted together. This ensures extra security whilst wearing the Micro Purple Jelly Butterfly. The small handheld battery casing holds two AA batteries and can be held in place by the elastic bands. The elastic bands are fully adjustable meaning this product will fit most without issue. As it is a smaller sized toy, this toy is popular to use in conjunction with other toys such as vibrators or can also be worn during sex and is especially popular for those that like to change positions frequently but also want direct clitoral stimulation. If your hands or your partner’s hands are getting tired during sex, or you want a cute but powerful toy, then the Micro Purple Jelly Butterfly is for you. The Micro Butterfly is a great wear and play toy that is available at Femplay. As one of our top selling direct clitoral stimulators, the Micro Butterfly has tiny antennae that tease and tickle with the added bonus of a tightly placed butterfly body to tantalize you all over. It is recommended that with this toy, you tighten the straps quite tightly during play, especially when walking/standing or flexing your leg muscles to ensure that the toy remains securely in the position that you want it in. With a light and easy to use hand held controller that is attached to the device – you can be assured that when you adjust the setting there will be an immediate response, right when you want it!

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