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Mimic – Rechargeable Lay-On Massager by Clandestine Devices (Black)

Price: $149.990000 | Brand: Clandestine
The Mimic is yearning for you to play with it, the whole design is for touching and playing. Handheld Massager the Mimic will fit incredible comfortable inside your hand with its ergonomic shape and style. Once you have this wonderful and thrilling sex toy in your hand then you can let it wonder around all of your pleasurable and erogenous parts of your body to both stimulate and arouse you or your partner if you want to share.   8 Vibration Patterns you have to love a great adult toy that lets you play with different vibration levels. You can move the massager to that perfect point on your body and select the right vibration level you need with ease. Beautiful Body Safe Silicone as with all high quality adult toys silicone is a must. The smooth and silky texture is perfect for pleasure toys and feel so good to use. A bonus is they are so easy to clean as well. But with all silicone toys it’s recommended to only use water based lubes. Rechargeable & Waterproof no batteries required. For the first charge it’s best to charge overnight and then you are ready to go. Waterproof means you can take the Mimic into the bath or shower and have some fun. Remember you can have fun alone or with a friend with the Mimic. Travel Lock & LED Glow so you know where your toy is which is very important especially if you are in the throes of a hot passionate session. The travel lock is great for obviously travel so it doesn’t go off when you’re not. This is also a great idea for your toy draw as well, just in case you bump it or something, you never know.The Mimic – Rechargeable Handheld Massager Now for something completely different and very exciting that was designed with your pleasure in mind. Handheld Massager 8 Vibration Patterns Beautiful Body Safe Silicone Rechargeable & Waterproof Travel Lock & LED Glow

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