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Mini Wanachi Waterproof Massager – Blue

Price: $23.490000 | Brand: Pipedream
The Mini Wanachi Waterproof Massager is a great compact massage wand that will assist you in massaging all your aches and pains away while delivering soothing pleasurable vibrations. Measuring 20.5cm in length and has a head width of 3cm making this is a petite massager for wand connoisseurs. Being cordless allows you to take it anywhere and as it is waterproof this also includes into a warm relaxing bath for some sensuous and slow play. Made of phthalate free silicone and with the head being a firmer than average finish makes this an ideal for anyone who likes a stronger resistance to their toys. As this toy is whisper quiet and runs on 2AA batteries, this toy is also easily adjusted by swiveling the twist bottom to increase the vibrations, making this a go to toy when you’re tired and aching after a long day. They are also has additional attachments available to increase the capability of your wand and allow you to experience a whole new level of fun and relaxation in your home. Grab your wand and get exploring. This take anywhere, cordless and waterproof Mini Wanachi is a great toy for those that are looking to have access to a soothing massager wherever they may be. This toy is so great with its vibrations, you can use it as a massager for your neck – its vibrations really help any strained muscles. But when your neck muscles no longer need attention, use it in the bath for some slow extended play. Make sure you have some good brand new batteries as the power as this device will accept nothing less – quality asked for and quality given!

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