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My Mini Miracle Massager Wand

Price: $17.490000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Incredible Mini Massage Device has a Very Flexible and Supple Tip making it a unique pleasure tool that will satisfy you for many hours. It is a wand vibrator that vibrates and pulsates at incredibly strong speeds. Featuring different speed options, this amazing wand has a very flexible soft tip that is perfect for unrelenting clitoral stimulation or diving deep to awaken your tired muscles. Enjoy the Thrill of the Multi-Speed High Intensity Motor. This mini massager has the capabilities of many high-powered vibrators on the market. Never miss out on stimulating your clitoris – this powerful and flexible pocket rocket will help you reach a clitoral orgasm every time. You can now Enjoy the Thrill of Using this Mini Massager in All Environments. Being waterproof this exceptional product will satisfy you in the shower, spa or pool and leave you gasping for breath every time you use it. Your lover will be delightfully surprised when you hop in the shower with them and let them bend you over and give you a wet hot, steamy love making session. This is a Powerful Yet Discreet massaging wand. Are you going on holiday and want to take a vibrator but don’t want one that is too obvious? Femplay has the perfect solution for you, the mini miracle wand might look small but it’s high-powered engine and quiet engine will be the perfect travelling companion. Accessories are available to this product and will ensure your intimate moments become that bit more exciting.A powerful yet small, sleek and compact little massage wand. This exceptionally dynamic massager has multiple speeds that will soothe or stimulate, it all depends on how you want to use it. The classic wand style is easy to manipulate into just the right spot and it feels so good wherever you place the vibrating tip. Flexible Soft Tip Multi-Speed High Intensity Motor Waterproof Discreet yet powerful

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