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My Secret Screaming O – Vibrating Mascara

Price: $19.990000 | Brand: The Screaming O
Sssshhhh, It’s a Secret. There are some times that you just need to have a quick play and you need a little help and having a secret little weapon in your bag to assist you is perfect. You never know when an overwhelming urge to masturbate is going to come over you. After a good work out at the gym, seeing the hot guy that you have had your eye on for awhile or it could be you just feel horny. Most of us feel this way at some time or another, why wait till you get home grab your little secret vibe pop into the bathroom and give in to that urge. 3 Speeds and 1 Tantilising Pulse will provide you with what you need especially if it is a quick play. You can just go to the full power and off you go, but if you have time and you are in the right place you can take your time and start with either the low vibrations or the teasing pulse to really get you started. Then move up to the higher speeds to finish yourself off. Style and Glamour is what the My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara has as it looks like any other mascara that you would buy from a cosmetic company, there is nothing about the look of it that would make anyone think that it is a vibe. This is an ideal secret vibe for any girl from the novice toy user to the more advanced.The My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara is a perfect addition to your make-up bag, purse of simply your handbag. A secret vibrator that you can take anywhere to use any time. Discreet Vibe 3 Speeds and 1 Pulsating Function Stylish and Glamorous

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