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Nature Extender – Silicone Penis Extender

Price: $29.990000 | Brand: Lovetoy
Add something a little extra to your penis.  Penis Extenders add a little extra length and thickness to your penis can be a bit of fun in the bedroom and may give you a little more confidence in pleasing your partner as well. Life Like Silicone Material makes the Nature Extender look and feel just like the real thing, all the way down to a nice pink knob which is firm for perfect penetration. It is soft and flexible so that you can easily insert your penis into the extender. Trim for a Snug Fit, that’s right once you insert your penis inside mark to the right place take it off and trim if you want to. This ensures you have the perfect snug fit so that you and your partner will receive the most benefits from the Nature Extender. 1 Extra Inch in Length and 40% Extra Thickness, just that little bit can mean a lot for you both. Internal diameter is 3cm and external is 4.5cm, don’t forget the material is stretchy so the 3cm internal measurement can also increase with stretching it out. Always clean after use to keep your Nature Extender ready for next time.  The Nature Extender is for anyone who thinks they need a little extra or if you want to add to your bedroom fun. Penis Extender Life Like Silicone Material Trim for a Snug Fit 1 Extra Inch in Length and 40% Extra Thickness

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