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Nexus – Sceptre Rotating Anal Probe

Price: $144.990000 | Brand: Nexus
When it comes your anal pleasure why shouldn’t you go for the best prostate toy available. The Nexus – Sceptre Rotating Anal Probe is pleasure overload for your P spot. Sceptre Anal Probe has a great shaped internal shaft at 9.8cm in length and 3.4cm in width. This is a good size for all men, all you need is some water based lube and slide it in nice and slow or fast and hard. 2 Directional Rotating Shaft this way and that way to really get your ass juices going. 2 Speeds high and low which are easy to use with a single press of the button controls. Comfortable Design from the curved handle to the shaft. Rechargeable & Waterproof so cleaning and water fun is possible and easy and you know your getting power when it’s rechargeable. Nexus – Sceptre Rotating Anal Probe is a very high quality prostate probe for the man who knows he deserves the best in everything he does. Sceptre Anal Probe 2 Directional Rotating Shaft 2 Speeds Comfortable Design Rechargeable & Waterproof

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