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Nipple Play – Vacuum Twist Suckers (Black)

Price: $17.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
Vacuum Twist Suckers are made from ABS plastic with a silicone seal. The aim of the game with these suckers is to get that perfect suction around the nipples and what better way than with a twist. You place the Nipple Twist Suckers over the nipples and either you or your lover slowly twists the ends forming the twist activation and suction. You work to the level that suits both of your needs. The flare based is perfect for all sizes and will fit nice and comfortably. The only thing you may have to be careful with is how hard you suck you may leave little marks, but who is going to see them anyway. You can have a little suction with the nipples slightly in the suction chamber or you can have a lot, it all depends on the level of suck that you like. It can look pretty sexy when you see your lovers nipples peaking to a point, it makes you just want to lick and flick them. A lot of people find that their nipples are very sensitive and having suction or anything else for that matter playing with them increases their pleasure state. For something a little different you could also add a little nipple stimulator gel onto your nipples and add that little bit extra fun to your play time.  Do you like your nipples twisted and played with? Do you enjoy the pleasure maybe with a little naughty pain? You may need the Vacuum Twist Suckers to add to your collection of toys.

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