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Nu Sensuelle – Homme Flexii Beads (Navy Blue)

Price: $135.990000 | Brand: NU by S-Wet
It’s time to feel the magic with the Nu Sensuelle Flexii Beads, with the power that 3 motors can provide.    Flexi Beads Anal Vibe is firm yet flexible which means the beads themselves are firm but the wand itself is flexible for comfort and pleasure. When you hold it you can swing it around it’s so flexible, which I’m doing now lol. The full size of the Flexi Beads is 28cm with an insertable length of up to 18cm with the widest beads at 3cm in width. It has a tapered tip for ease of insertion and then down to the wonderful flexi beads all the way down.    Smooth Sexy Silicone Material which as stated is smooth and sexy. Silicone has to be one of the best materials for adult toys as we all deserve a great feeling material in our bodies.    3 Powerful Motors to really provide you with all the power you need in each and every bead.    15 Intense Sensations which will ignite your bum sensors to the extreme.    USB Rechargeable and Waterproof for playing in the shower or bath and no batteries required.    Available in Homme Navy Blue and Electric Blue  Nu Sensuelle Flexii Beads have the silky touch that your bum is looking for with lots of vibrations and bumpy play with each bead as it slides in.  Flexi Beads Anal Vibe Smooth Sexy Silicone Material 3 Powerful Motors 15 Intense Sensations USB Rechargeable and Waterproof Available in Homme Navy Blue and Electric Blue 

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