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Nu Sensuelle – Rechargeable 7 Function Bullet Ring (Black)

Price: $62.490000 | Brand: S-Wet
Why not add a little spice to your love life with a cock ring that assists in achieving a longer and harder erection that also has one hell of a little vibration bullet to really get you going. Cock Ring with Bullet Ring will stimulate the wearer with the wonderful vibrations from the small but very powerful Nu Sensuelle Bullet, and we really do mean powerful and the cock ring is designed to help assist in making the penis harder for longer providing you both more pleasure. But wait, there is more… the vibrations are also for your partner and they will love the stimulations and pulsating patterns turn them crazy with each thrust of your body against there’s. Rechargeable has to be the new favourite thing for almost everyone when it comes to sex toys. No more buying expensive batteries or trying to find where they sell these little odd batteries that the local supermarket doesn’t stock. Just simply plug into the wall and place the charger against the bullet and done. Stretchy Material to make it easy to fit onto the penis. We suggest if you haven’t played with cock rings before or are still relatively new, use a little lube and keep an eye out for any hairs as you don’t want them to be pinching you down there. 1 Year Warranty with all of the Nu Sensuelle range because they are just that good. You can feel safe that your new product is going to last you a long fun time.    The Nu Sensuelle 7 Function Rechargeable Bullet Ring brings you both intense pleasure in all the right places. Cock Ring with Bullet Ring Rechargeable Stretchy Material 1 year Warranty

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