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Nuru Massage Powder (40g)

Price: $24.990000 | Brand:
For a slippery sensational body to body massage you can’t go past the Nuru Massage Powder. Nuru Massage is a Japanese body to body massage, and you can get a lot of massages in with the Nuru Massage Powder as just a little give you a lot. Just 1 tablespoon will mix up to 10g of slippery massage gel. 2 Sizes Available in 40g and 100g. Packed in a cool bottle with a bamboo lid. Good Stuff Inside including seaweed extract and green tea extract. There are no odours, taste and its stain free.Nuru Massage Powder gives you a lot for a little. Lots of massaging fun in one little container. Nuru Massage 2 Sizes Available Good Stuff Inside

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