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Optimum Series – Automatic Smart Penis Pump

Price: $129.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
You get more than just a penis pump with the Optimum Series Automatic Smart Penis Pump, you also have an edurance trainer and masturbation sleeve to play with as well. Automatic Smart Pump slide yourself in and get yourself ready for some amazing suction. When the rep came in and showed this one to me I popped it on my thigh and almost straight away my thigh was starting to get into the chamber. It was so cool! There is different levels and time frames, beginner 4 seconds, intermediate 5 seconds and advanced 8 seconds. Trust me, this really does suck! 3 Exercise Modes which are built into the smart pump to have you laster longer than before. Masturbation Stroker Sleeve another benefit with the Automatic Smart Penis Pump is that you can also turn it into a masturbation sleeve, and with the pumping that you get you will get off with ease. Push Button Release Valve you will need to make sure you know where this is before you pop it on. It’s the middle button, you don’t want to be getting the full pump and start panicing about the release valve. USB Rechargeable you don’t want batteries you want power and you got it with this.. Optimum Series – Automatic Smart Penis Pump is super unreal! This is a super power penis pump and stroker sleeve in one. This pump will give you a bigger hard-on, and will assist with your endurance with the masturbation sleeves attachments. Automatic Smart Pump 3 Exercise Modes  Masturbation Stroker Sleeve Push Button Release Valve USB Rechargeable 

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