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Orange is the New Black – Love Cuffs – Wrists

Price: $16.990000 | Brand: Icon Brands
Add a little comfort and style into your bedroom fun with a pair of fun and comfy handcuffs. OITNB Orange Wrist Love Cuffs are really a comfortable way to start your restraint play enjoyment. With adjustable buckles for that snug or loose fit whichever is your desire. The cuffs have a detachable chain so you can have them together or separate. You can even add it to other pieces from the OITNB range. Flurry Comfort The orange fluffiness in the cuffs is where the comfort really comes in to play, whilst you are playing. No need to worry about red marks or welts from the standard handcuffs with these delightful furry cuffs. Use them in the bedroom or add them to that exciting little outfit for the next rave/dance party or mixer. Something a little fun no matter what you are wanting to do.Orange is the New Black – Love Cuffs – Wrists Who says wearing hand cuffs have to hurt when you have a pair of these attractive orange is the new black love cuffs. OITNB Orange Wrist Love Cuffs Fluffy Comfort

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