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Orange is the New Black – SiliGag

Price: $16.990000 | Brand: Icon Brands
The wonderful Orange is the New Black restraint play range is an affordable and stylish range that is perfect for every level of fun, from the beginner to the more experience you are sure to find a few playful bondage adult toys that you will enjoy. Adjustable Silicone Ball Gag with that wonderful signature colour of orange for the silicone ball gag. The orange really brings out the simple style with that little bit of a fun edge to it. The black strap is adjustable and is leatherette and strong to keep your or your lover where they should be and doing what you want them to be doing. Restraint and bondage play can bring a whole new dimension into a relationship and into the bedroom. Where you start is up to you both, it could be light spanking or complete restraint laying on the bed which your arms and legs spread and restrained with a cool little silicone ball gag in your mouth whilst you are being pleasured in so many wonderfully different ways. Let yourself go, trust your partner and have some fun with the Orange is the New Black bondage range.Orange is the New Black – SiliGag – Silicone Ball Gag Adjustable Silicone Ball Gag

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