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Orange is the New Black – Spanky Junior

Price: $16.990000 | Brand: Icon Brands
This is a great little flexible spanker for anyone and everyone and its uber cute. Hot Handheld Spanker at only 10cm at its widest and 17 in total length it is a perfect handheld little naughty spanker to spank your partner with. I love that there is some flexibility to it and there is also a strap so that you can put your hand through so when you are getting all hot and spanky, it won’t fly off mid-way. You don’t want that… If you haven’t tried spanking each other previously it’s best to start of a little light before you start really smacking each other. Warm up the area and make sure that your lover is ready for it.Orange is the New Black – Spanky Junior Hot Handheld Spanker

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