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Original Clitoral Pump (Purple)

Price: $29.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
You may have looked at clitoral or pussy pumps before and haven’t really understood what they do. The clitoral pump is designed to pump and make the clitoris to enlarged, which in turns brings out the beautiful nerve ending out to play. Suction of course is the most important part of this toy. It has to be able to sit directly over the area that you want to pump and fit well and provide you with grander suction. Vibration Pleasure is waiting for your exposed and pumping clit at the uncomplicated control dial at the base of the pump. Merely twist the dial to the desired level of resonating vibration and you will be in ecstasy as the clitoris has thousands of nerves endings for endless pleasure. This has to be one of the best things of being a woman. So Easy to Use with a simple and easy one handed squeeze bulb and the other hand placing the pump to the clitoris area with the ergonomically designed handle that fits comfortable in your other hand. The quick air release valve also makes using the Original Clitoral Pump stress-free. 2 x Interchangeable Sleeves included, one with a basic pressure knob and the other with 10 tiny tentacles that want to tickle you. The fun doesn’t have to stop there. Once you have enjoyed the pumping and resonating vibrations you can play alone with a vibrator or have your lover tease and tantalise you and show special attention to your clit, slowly and softly as it is very sensitive now. Then when you are ready you let them know that you want it harder or faster.    The Original Clitoral Pump will provide stimulation to your clitoris as it pumps it out from its hiding hole and makes it throb. Suction Vibration Easy to use 2 Sleeves

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