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Ours – Play-Time Kit

Price: $48.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Play-Time Kit is an ideal small kit that is perfect to pack away in your overnight bag or even just your handbag. Egg Vibrators are becoming more and more popular as they not only please the user but also especially for the guys in the relationship as they love to have the controls so that they can tease and stimulate their partners any time that the wish. A smooth satin finish sets the egg off to be completely comfortable with a quiet motor and a good 5 meter range with the remote control. That’s with no blocking walls to stop the signal. Cinnamon Lipstick Gel for something a little bit different. It is water soluble and contains Aloe Vera for a smooth texture. Feel the warming and tingling arousal gel on your lips and anywhere you want to place your lips. Oral fun just got a little bit kinky! The Foreplay Dice give you a pleasure, a body part and a location for you to do some fun and sexy things. This is a great way to get the weekend started. The Ours – Weekender Kit has just a few little easily packable items for you and your lover to have a little bit of fun whilst you are away. You can always add to the kit and increase your pleasures.  The Play-Time Kit lets you take your couples pleasure up a few notches, why save it for the weekend. Remote Control Egg Vibrator Oral Stimulator Gel Three Foreplay Dice

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