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OVO – L1 – Loveballs (Glossy Light Violet)

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: OVO
All woman have pelvic floor muscles but we all don’t exercise them, or we don’t exercise them enough. When you understand how important they are, you will want to exercise like crazy. One of the best ways to exercise them and have a little fun is with some loveball’s also known as ben wa balls and kegel balls. Smooth Seamless Silicone is the only way to go with loveball’s. There is nothing to irritate your most intimate of areas and the silicone will feel amazing against your skin. The silicone is pliable so that you can change the balls with ease. Start with the Light Weight Balls, just like with all exercise you have to start at the beginning. You don’t want to go to heavy in the beginning even if you believe that your pelvic muscles are strong enough. Once inserted you clench your pelvic muscles against the love balls. The Heavier Balls are for when you have worked your muscles up and feel you can hold and enjoy the weight. Don’t forget you can mix and match as well, you can include 1 heavy ball and 1 lighter ball for a different feeling. Stretchy and Flexible Retrieval Cord for easy no fuss removal, and it is comfortable so that you can wear the loveball’s anywhere and anytime.    Ovo Loveballs are an attractively and stylish kegel exercise lifestyle toy, with just a hint of fun. Supreme Silicone Material 2 x Light Weight Coloured Balls 2 x Heavier Metallic Balls Easy to Use Retrieval Cord

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