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P-Zone Advanced Prostate Massager

Price: $15.990000 | Brand: Icon Brands
For an easy to hold and easy to use simple prostate massager you can’t go past the The P-Zone Advanced Prostate Massager. P-Zone Prostate Massager advanced extra thick has a good 9cm insertable length with a slight tapered tip to assist with insertion working its way to a max width of 1.2″. This is the thickness that will fill you up giving you that full sensations. The tip of the massager has a little texture to assist with enjoyment. Perineum Pressure adds to the arousal of the prostate massager. Easy to Use Handle assists with playing as well as sits comfortable against the bum and as above the perineum pressure comes from the perfectly styled handle.TheP-Zone Advanced Prostate Massage is a massage which isn’t too daunting or too intimidating with a decent pleasing size. P-Zone Prostate Massager Perineum Pressure Easy to Use Handle

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