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Palm Power Massager Attachments – Palm Sensual

Price: $39.990000 | Brand: BMS Enterprises
If you already have a wonderful and powerful Palm Power Massager that soothes your aching muscles and gives you the relaxation of an all over massage, but you want your massager to do more?  Then these attachments will take your massager to the stratosphere of pleasure and satisfy you with an amazing big “O”. The 2 Pack Attachment Set will let you choose if you desire only g-spot stimulation or g-spot and clitoral stimulaton tonight.  Transform your massager into a g-spot vibrator or a rabbit.  The powerful vibrations from the head of the massager will send the vibrations through to the attachments to thrill you and stimulate you until you can’t take it any longer. The Attachments have a Smooth, Soft Touch similar to that of the Palm Power Massager.  The silky feel runs smoothly and effectlessly across the sensitive areas of skin making the experience one to remember. Made from Body-Safe Silicone, it is free from phthalates and silicone is known for its anti-bacterial properties so you can be confident that together with a good clean up routine, your attachments will remain hygenic and last a long time.   * Please note: These attachments require the Palm Power Massager (Not Included)Turn your Palm Power Massager into a g-spot pleasurer with the Palm Sensual attachments.  With the choice of 2 g-spot variations, you will find the pleasure you desire with a satisfying vibration to your g-spot and or clitoris. Designed to attach to and fit with the Palm Power Massager Palm Below – Flexible rounded neck for G-Spot stimulation Palm Dual – Double action ends for both G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation 100% body-safe silicone Phthalate free Soft touch

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