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Palm Power Massager

Price: $99.990000 | Brand: BMS Enterprises
The Palm Power Massager is personal massage device that has many uses including massaging the aches and pains that daily life can place onto us. It is powered by a 240v connection that firstly ensures phenomenal power is delivered from the device, but also, you never run out of batteries or lose the intensity of the vibrations during use. As a corded device, this toy is not waterproof, however has an extra long cord to allow for creative and mobile usage. Extremely user friendly that with a simple click of the button located on the shaft of the massager, this toy will come to life delivering intense and satisfying vibrations for all areas of the body. Measuring just 19cm in total makes it on the smaller side of full sized massage wands available and has a phthalate free silicone head with a width of 3.8cm – ensuring that the most fussy of wand users will be satisfied. Due to the silicone head on, it is recommended that you use a water-based lubricant with your toy. For those who would like to further enhance their wand pleasure, you can separately purchase attachments to transform your massager by attaching fingers for a hugging massage in all the right places or for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. This is one massager to deliver! If you’re after some true intense power, then this is the toy. Great for the beginner wand user, this toy is simple to use by manipulating one button on or off, and then applying the vibrations to any part of the body needing some care and relaxation – this is one massager that won’t die in the heat of the moment as it utilizes a 240v connection; a bonus for those who forget to buy batteries. For those who would like to take this massager to the next level – grab an attachment kit and really drive yourself over the edge!

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