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Palpitation – App Controlled Egg

Price: $79.990000 | Brand: Adrien Lastic
The name is a bit of a mouth full but the Palpitation Vibrating Egg is an ergonomically comfortable egg that will gives you hours of pleasure. Palpitation Vibe Egg will provide noticeably rapid and strong stimulations that will give you super wonderful palpitations. This little egg is sssshhh, nice and quiet and is in total lenght 18cm with 3.7cm diameter slides inside your vagina and you just have to set yourself up to feel the beats.  9 Vibrations Modes to select from and you can use your mobile devices as it has bluetooth App controls. This can provide so much fun with your partner and letting them be in control and teasing you or just by yourself and treat yourself they way you want to be treated. Supreme Soft Silicone Material for a wonderful smooth experience. USB Rechargeable & Waterproof providing lots of power in and out of the shower.Palpitation Vibrating Egg is a smooth silicone egg with lots of power and with the extra advantage of being App controlled.  Palpitation 9 Vibrations Modes Supremem Soft Silicone Material USB Rechargeable & Waterproof

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