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Penis Extender

Price: $64.990000 | Brand: California Exotic Novelties
The Penis Extender is a wearable device designed to slowly stretch and extend the penis for that little extra length. Just like traditional muscle building exercise, after the penis has had it’s workout, your body goes to work filling it out again, resulting in gains. Penis Extenders are designed to be worn on the penis for an amount of time. They are made to be comfortable so that you can relax whilst wearing them. Penis extenders are to be used for the correct amount of time on a regular basis to receive results. 30 Mins Wearable Time for this penis extender. Make sure you read the instructions and only wear it for 30 mins at a time. After a break you can wear it again on the same day but you do need to have breather. Silicone Stretchable Strap so that application is easy and simple to fit most people. And it makes sure that it stays in place with easy to use screw nuts. It also has a foam padded ring for comfort, it’s your penis you want it to be comfortable. Great Pivots for the Right Positioning adjust to your settings and you’re right. Fully Adjustable with 4 Easy to Add Removable Extension Rods all depends on your size and as you get that extra length you add the extension rod Penis Extender is a fully adjustable device to assist in adding length to your penis. Penis Extender 30 mins Wearable Time Silicone Stretchable Strap Great Pivots for the Right Positioning Fully Adjustable with 4 Easy to Add Removable Extension Rods

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