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Pepee – Cool Mint Lubricant (360ml)

Price: $24.990000 | Brand: PePee
With the wonderful scent to mint candy your going to be hungry and horny with the Pepee Cool Mint Lubricant.    Cool Mint Water Based Lubricant has that chill that can ignight the sense and introduce something a little different into the bedroom. Water based lubes are good to use with condoms and toys. It’s silky and feels good on your skin, it’s also easy to clean. Use a cloth to wipe down but if you use water it will spark up and you may want some more action.    Cool for Sensitive Skin so if you have skin that may react to yucky ingredients it’s worth giving this one a try. But always remember if you do have sensitive skin you should also test it out on your wrist first.    360ml Bottle enough to last you a while and have it handy next to the bed or in the bedside table. Pepee – Cool Mint Lubricant ohhh feel the chill of the cool lube on your body, you’re going to feel so good.  Cool Mint Water Based Lubricant Cool for Sensitive Skin 360ml Bottle   

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