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Pepee – Onashii Lube (150ml)

Price: $12.990000 | Brand: PePee
Onashi is the safe sex mascot for Pepee with the cutest bottle that not only Anime lovers will like but providing something a little different than your standard lube bottles.   Silky Firm Water Based Lubricant that will feel good on your body with a lovely silky feeling.    Onashi Mascot for safe sex, safe sex should always be considered when having sex and why not have this cute little mascot to remind you.   Sex Toys and Condom Safe well this is a must with safe sex.    Cutest Anime Bottle with the Onashi Mascot on the label. Pepee – Onashii Lube is the cutest little mascot in the Pepee range to help educate safe sex and also is a good water based lube for all to use.  Silky Firm Water Based Lubricant Onashii Mascot Sex Toys and Condom Safe Cutest Anime Bottle    

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