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Pepee – Original Thick Waterbased Lube (360ml)

Price: $24.990000 | Brand: PePee
The amazing no 1 thick lube from Japan is easy and fun to use and play with. You can use Pepee Original Thich Waterbased Lube withor without a partner and with or without a condom and also as a massage lotion.    The Original Thick Waterbased Lubricant is well obviously thick which can assist with lots of play time fun. But if you don’t want it thick all the time you can easily make it a little thinner by a little water and mixing it up to a thinner consistancy.    Can Be Used for Massage to get things moving start with a wonderful massage, remember as it’s water based that you may need a little water depending on how much you massage.    No Taste, No Odour and No Glycerin awesome all the no’s that you want or actually don’t want in a simple water based thick lube.    Easy to Open Bottle which is great when you are in the middle of the fun stuff.    2 x Different Sizes Available 360ml and 50ml and 145ml which is in the cutest bottle and all are ideal for any fun any time.    Pepee – Original Thick Waterbased Lube is the number one seller in Japan and we understand why with the wonderful thick texture, no odour or taste it’s a dream to play with.  The Original Thick Waterbased Lubricant Can Be Used for Massage No Taste, No Odour and No Glycerin Easy to Open Bottle 3 x Different Sizes Available  

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