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Pepee – Wankers Lube (360ml)

Price: $24.990000 | Brand: PePee
With the special formula of the Pepee Wankers Lube you will feel the silkiness of a long lasting water based lube that increase slipperiness for that ideal wank. Wankers Waterbased Lubricant smooth and silky to feel great on your skin when you’re playing with yourself or your pocket pussy. The formula helps to reduce the friction and the usual stickiness is not with this lube and it’s easy to clean afterwards. Great for Masturbation Sleeves like Fleshlight, Satisfyer for Men, Apollo, Perfect Stroke, Tenga masturbation sleeves and not forgetting the many many pocket pussies that we have available. All for the times when your hand is just not enough.  Odourless, Tasteless and Colourless so no nasty smells to take away the job at hand.  Easy to Use Bottle with a flip top lid you can use with just one hand.  Pepee Wankers Lube is for all the Wankers out there 🙂 A silky smooth water based lube that isn’t too sticky for that perfect wank.  Wankers Waterbased Lubricant Great for Mastubation Sleeves Odourless, Tasteless and Colourless Easy to Use Bottle  

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