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Pillow Talk Cheeky Wand (Pink)

Price: $72.990000 | Brand: BMS Enterprises
Cheeky is a perfect hand held powerful massager that you can use on any part of your body. Hand Held Pleasure Massager is a great size which makes it easy to use anywhere you want. At a total length of only 20cm you will be able to manoeuvre your Cheeky massager all over your body, both for pleasing your body with climatic pleasure or for releasing tired aching muscles. Cheeky is not too big and not too small the size is just perfect. Swarovski Crystal Control Gem gives you a little bling on your adult toy and makes the Cheeky Wand Massager really easy to use the controls. The gem is the control to click to the level that you require for your sensations. Smooth and Sexy Silicone Head and Body, with silicone head is 5cm in total length and a great 3.5cm in width. This is an ideal size for everybody from new comers to sex toys and massagers to the more advanced user. The silicone is a real pleasure to have against your body and the handle has a comfortable softness with texture for that perfect grip. Rechargeable to make your life easier, no need to worry about always having batteries on hand and in bulk for when you need them. Rechargeable vibes and massagers are perfect, you just need to remember to charge them up every now and again.  Pillow Talk – Cheeky – Wand Massager with a little Dazzle! Hand Held Pleasure Massager Swarovski Crystal Control Gem Smooth and Sexy Silicone Head and Body Rechargeable

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