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Pillow Talk – Frisky Kegal Excercisers – Pink

Price: $44.990000 | Brand: BMS Enterprises
For when you want to step it up a notch or two with your pelvic floor exercises you can’t go past the Pillow Talk – Frisky Kegal Exercisers. Frisky Kegal Excerisers are simply devine in appreance and feel. With tapered tips for easy insertion and a tail for just as easy withdrawal you will have no worries in using these lovely kegals even if it’s your first time. The colours are so pretty in teal and pink they are aimed to delight. The internal length of the kegals are 5cm and with the full length of 3cm but remember with a tapered tip they start of smaller and work up to the 3cm. Add a little water based lube and you will be set.  Beautiful Textured Silicone Material to enhance your enjoyment, silicone is always so lovely on your body.  Stunning Swarovski Crystals are on the tail or withdrawal cord, whichever way you want to say it adds to the style of the Frisky. You will be happy to wear them all day clenching those muscles of yours and making them stronger. Pillow Talk – Frisky Kegal Excercisers just one look at these sensual keal exercise balls and you will wonder why you didn’t look at exercising your pelvic floor sooner.  Frisky Kegal Exercisers Beautiful Textured Silicone Material  Stunning Swarovski Crystals  

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