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Pillow Talk – Racy G-Spot Vibe – Pink

Price: $56.990000 | Brand: BMS Enterprises
The Pillow Talk – Racy G-Spot Vibe is delight and compact to take anywhere.    Racy G-Spot Vibe is a nice compact length of 12cm with the G-Spot tip being 2.5cm working it’s way down to 2cm. This provides the G the little hit that it needs, especially with the curve which is design to enhance your enjoyment.    Swarovski Crystal just brings that little extra style to an already attactively design vibe.    Smooth Silicone Material with Designed Handle smooth where it matters and a lovely handle with texture for a better grip.   Speed Levels to Delight at just a click of the button to get you from hi to Hello!   Rechargeable as it’s just simple so much better than battery operated vibes. Pillow Talk – Racy G-Spot Vibe with 2 of the most delightful of colours of petal pink and teal and a delight Swarovski crystal to enhance the luxness of this mini massager.  Racy G-Spot Vibe Swarovski Crystal  Smooth Silicone Material with Designed Handle Speed Levels to Delight Rechargeable  

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