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Pipedream Shock Therapy Electric Stimulation Kit

Price: $74.99 | Brand: Pipedream

Give your sex life a “charge” with this incredible beginner’s electro-sex kit. 

This electric stimulation Shock Therapy kit is perfect for first-timers and those new to e-stimulation. The easy-to-read LCD screen on the digital power control unit clearly displays the function and intensity level, and with 3 pre-programmed pulsation patterns to choose from, this attractive control unit sends electrical impulses to whichever body part you place the pad on. Choose from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap, all with the push of a button, and pick one of the 5 body zones to stimulate. 

With over 100 stimulation combination’s to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Using the timer function, you can select the time of use and the battery-powered unit will automatically shut off after the interval. The pads are self-adhesive, attach to the lead wire using snaps, and clean up easily after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. 

Great for muscle stimulation, neural stimulation, and an all-over relaxing electro massage!

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