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Pjur Analyse Me! – Anal Comfort Spray

Price: $35.990000 | Brand: Pjur Lubricants Germany
Pjur are a well know manufacture from Germany that supply quality lubricants all around the world. With a delightful range of lubes and stimulants for alone time fun or just simply getting it on with a lover they have the right one for you. The Pjur Analyse Me! – Anal Comfort Spray is for anyone who likes to enjoy some anal play. Whether you are a beginner and trying anal fun for the first time or if you are experienced and enjoy the pleasures that anal sex can provide. Desensitise the bum, as the anus does not contain any natural lubricants you need to make sure that you use some lube. The anal comfort spray not only lubricates the area but also provides an amount of desensitisation of the area to decrease any discomfort. You don’t want an desensitiser that complete takes away any feeling as for one you want to feel and enjoy the pleasures and next, it can be a little dangerous if you don’t have any feeling there at all. You or your partner may go too hard or too big and you may get injured. Please be careful. Pleasure is the key to why anyone does anything sexually, this includes anal. You won’t want to do something if you are not getting anything out of it at all. Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray is to help you achieve this pleasure. You only need a few sprays per application so the bottle will last you a little while, well it depends on how much you want to play really.Pjur Analyse Me! – Anal Comfort Spray for when you want to enjoy some anal fun. Help to desensitise the anal area Increase pleasure

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